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The Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District provides numerous beneficial services to the local community. While the name may sound technical, our mission is deeply rooted in our shared love for this land—the very soil beneath our feet, the rivers that wind through our valleys, and the forests that blanket our hills.

The Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District, and its close partner the Illinois Valley Watershed Council, are not just administrative entities. Known informally as the ‘Illinois Valley Stream Team’, we are also a collective partnership between farmers, ranchers, gardeners, horse owners, loggers, and landowners. Together, we work to safeguard our natural resources. Whether it is conducting replanting on properties destroyed by wildfire, monitoring the quality of water in our rivers and streams, promoting sustainable agriculture, or restoring riparian habitats through projects that focus on resolving beaver-landowner conflicts, the Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District is at the forefront of local conservation efforts. We provide guidance, technical expertise, and practical solutions to ensure that our land remains productive for generations to come.

The Illinois River is a lifeline that winds its way through our landscape. From its origins in California, it flows northwest, nourishing a vast 628,000-acre watershed, most of which lies right here in Southern Oregon. The Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District’s jurisdiction covers the majority of this expanse. We advocate for responsible land use and champion projects that enhance both human and ecological well-being. When we protect the Illinois River, we safeguard our future.

The Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District isn’t confined to boardrooms or bureaucratic paperwork. We are out in the field, running projects, organizing community events, and writing conservation plans for landowners. By supporting the District, we invest not only in knowledge and awareness but also in the practical application of conservation work on the land.

Grant funding can only take the District so far. We are seeing this now our very successful Illinois Valley Water Quality Monitoring Project is currently running on very limited funding in between grant funding cycles. Started in 2022, we hope to sustain this project for many years as it is the first ongoing water quality monitoring program of its kind in the history of the Illinois Valley. It provides jobs for local community members, expands local knowledge of water quality, and helps provide data so that informed decisions can be made when it comes to conserving and restoring the land. A lapse in funding can be devastating to a valuable program like this. Donations can help ensure the success of the District projects and services in times when grant funding is limited.

When you consider your next philanthropic endeavor, think of the Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District. Your donation isn’t just a financial transaction; it’s an investment in the resilience and vitality of our Illinois Valley.


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